Who is Responsible if I Get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

Have you been injured on someone else’s property? It can be something as minor as tripping over someone’s sidewalk. We explain who would be responsible in this situation, below:

Q: Who is responsible if you get hurt on someone else’s property?

A: If you were hurt on somebody else’s property, you may be able to make a claim or pursue a case against the person or company who owns the property. However, these cases can get difficult, so you should probably talk to somebody who has handled cases like these in the past.

In many cases, a property owner can be held responsible for a defect, something that caused your injury if it’s something that was not open and obvious, meaning that it was something that was hidden that you couldn’t see and avoid it.

More Information

There are a lot of different laws in these cases that protect homeowners and companies, so in cases like this you are better off speaking with an attorney. You also want to make sure you have pictures or witnesses or some evidence of what caused your injury because that is all going to be important in trying to make your claim.


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