Safety at Construction Sites

Safety at construction sites
Safety at construction sites

There are different spots in the region where construction is in full-swing, gearing to make buildings look nicer and roads easier to travel.

Construction sites, as a worker and as a pedestrian/driver, can be dangerous areas to be near, however.  Sometimes, safety measures are overlooked due to lack of supervision on-site and tight deadlines to meet.

We have successfully handled construction site personal injury cases such as these:

  1. Forklift accidents -Exposure to hazardous chemicals
  2. Electrocutions and electrical shock
  3. Explosions
  4. Working in violation of medical restrictions
  5. Errors in truck loading
  6. Falls from roofs and scaffolding
  7. Air quality issues

Always wear your helmet

As a rule of thumb, helmets should be worn whenever possible to avoid a construction accident. Sites should be avoided during inclement weather, and the communication of a dangerous site should be made visible to workers and pedestrians/drivers, alike.


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