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Work Injury Law – Understanding Your Rights

Work Injury Law - Understanding Your Rights

When you go to work, you don’t expect to sustain injuries that could prevent you from working or leading a normal life, and yet, according to the National Safety Council, over 4 million people are injured at […]

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Electrocution and Electric Shock Injuries Defined

Electrocution and electric shock injuries defined

Electricity is a serious workplace hazard that affects not only electricians, but other workers who come in contact with powered materials on a regular basis. Machinery, tools, light bulbs and home fixtures are all examples of […]

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How Negligence Can Lead to a Scaffolding or Roof Fall

How negligence can lead to a scaffolding or roof fall

Construction exposes workers to many hazards, including serious injury from falls. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries in construction work. As a result, OSHA places an […]

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What to Do if You Were Injured At Work

What to do if you were injured at work

If you are injured at work and it is your employers fault, you may need to take legal action. Learn about the Ohio laws regarding worker’s compensation and work injury and hear about what you can […]

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