What if I can’t work after an accident?

Workplace injuries, Do I have a workers' compensation case?
Workplace injuries, Do I have a workers' compensation case?

Suffering severe injuries in a car accident comes with significant consequences, like large medical bills and property damage. The cost of living, like rent or mortgage, utility bills, insurance payments and loan payments, do not wait for you to start working after your accident, so what are you supposed to do if you cannot work after your accident?

There are many different types of damages someone can receive for their injury, but knowing which to pursue after your injury can make the difference in your compensation claim. Here are some types of damages you can seek if you cannot work after your accident:

Lost income

Because the regular monthly expenses you have do not go on hold while you are not working, the first type of compensation you should be sure to collect is this one. This type of compensation ensures you receive money to make up for all of the wages you would have normally earned if you had not received severe injuries from your accident.

Lost payment opportunities

Injuries do not just cost you your regular income, and they can also prevent you from earning new sources of income in the future. Independent entrepreneurs or contractors who earn their income through commission can miss out on job opportunities that could have brought considerable income for them.

Lost performance capacity

Sometimes, the injuries you sustain can have long-lasting or permanent consequences. When consequences like scarring, burns, nerve damage, or paralysis keep you from performing your job as well as you used to, it can also keep you from earning as much as you used to.

How to maximize your compensation

It can be hard to know what kind of compensation you deserve after an accident. If you are looking to maximize your compensation, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney for the help you need to secure the best possible outcome in your injury claim.


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