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When Patients Are Given The Wrong Blood

When a patient needs a blood transfusion, medical professionals must act quickly and with absolute precision. If a patient is given the wrong blood product in a transfusion, the results can be disastrous and often lead to death.

Reasons for these tragic errors include:

  • Mislabeled blood products
  • Incomplete or misfiled patient charts
  • Failure of the health care provider to accurately check a patient’s identity
  • Failure of the health care provider to note and respond to signs of error
  • Insufficient staff training

The Effects Of Blood Transfusion Errors

Errors may lead to transfusions of blood infected with AIDS or hepatitis. Patients can also receive a transfusion of the wrong blood type or blood that was tainted because of improper storage. At the law offices of Friedman, Domiano & Smith, we represent victims – and the families of victims who died – in cases involving blood transfusion errors. In addition to winning award settlements for our clients, our litigation has led to policy changes in hospitals.

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