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Surgical Error Lawsuits In Ohio

When a Doctor Makes a Surgical Error

Have you or a loved one had a recent surgery or medical operation done and don’t seem to be getting any better in your recovery? This could be a warning sign of a surgical error, meaning your body is regressing instead of progressing after surgery has been done.

When a doctor makes a surgical error, the cost can be very great. The attorneys at Friedman, Domiano & Smith have won countless cases for people throughout Ohio who have suffered from surgical mistakes.

What are some examples of these cases that Friedman, Domiano & Smith has won sizable settlements for?

  1. Post-Operative Bleeding (Hemorrhaging)
  2. Hospital-Acquired Infections
  3. Coma & Complications from Anesthesia Errors

Your doctors may have failed to recognize that any of these complications would be possible after your surgery, in which case, you must contact us at FDS immediately. If you have any other concerns about a doctor or hospital being at fault, we handle other surgical error cases as well.


We feel our success is based on our defined approach to each case, which includes a thorough investigation of hospital records, a full review of medical documents and ongoing consultations with leading experts in the medical field. View our verdicts and settlements.