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What To Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

What to do after a drunk driving accident

In 2018, 10,511 people in the US died in drunk driving accidents, which means this type of accident kills about 29 people every day. In Ohio in particular, there are around 400 drunk driving fatalities per […]

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How New Technology is Changing Motorcycle Accident Law

How new technology is changing motorcycle accident law

Technology is changing the world around us, and nowhere is this more apparent than in motorcycle accident law. While bikers face a disproportionate risk of experiencing serious motor vehicle accidents, technological advancements are both creating safer […]

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Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Who is responsible for a truck accident?

Some of the most devastating collisions involve large vehicles on busy highways. The power and speed can have heart-wrenching results, not to mention a great deal of legal complexity. As a passenger or driver who has […]

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Your Rights if Hurt in a Boating Accident

Your rights if hurt in a boating accident

Many Ohioans spend summer days out on the water. Paying a commercial boating operation to take you out may seem safe, but sometimes tragedy occurs. When someone is badly injured in a boating accident, it can […]

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Aviation Accidents Explained

Aviation accidents explained

Air travel is thought to be a safe mode of transportation. In 2017, there were no fatalities on commercial aircraft, down from 16 the year before. While this sounds encouraging, the National Transportation Safety Board nonetheless […]

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Finding Help After a Train Accident

Finding Help After a Train Accident

Recent train accident statistics reveal that Ohio ranks sixth in the nation for railroad accidents. Since 2014, Ohio has been the site of 209 train accidents and, in just three weeks last summer, three more Ohioan […]

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What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

What to do after a hit and run accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a hit and run accident, you understand how stressful it can be. The initial shock is amplified knowing that someone fled, unconcerned about the damage they caused. For those wondering […]

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