How Could Pregnancy Affect an Ohio Car Accident Claim?

pregnant woman putting on seat belt
pregnant woman putting on seat belt

A car accident can be a scary and traumatizing experience, especially if you are pregnant. Pregnant women face a unique set of risks when they suffer injuries in a car accident.

In this blog, our Cleveland car accident lawyers provide insights into the dangers pregnant women face in car accidents and their legal right to seek compensation for their damages.

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What Are the Dangers for Pregnant Women Involved in a Car Crash?

Car accidents increase the risk of complications for pregnant women and their unborn children. Some of the most common risks include:

Premature Labor

Trauma of any kind from a car crash can lead to premature labor, which is labor that begins before 37 weeks of pregnancy. For example, your body’s natural response to stress is to release adrenaline and other hormones, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. This could potentially trigger uterine contractions and lead to premature labor.


The stress and physical injury from an accident can result in miscarriage, which is when you involuntarily lose your pregnancy before the 20th week.

Placental Abruption

This refers to when the placenta detaches from your uterus wall prematurely. This is a serious condition that can cause severe bleeding, threaten the life of your unborn child and requires immediate medical care. Placental abruption can occur even in minor crashes, such as fender-benders or side-swipe collisions.


A severe crash, such as a head-on or T-bone collision, can unfortunately lead to the loss of your unborn baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later.

Complications from Premature Birth

If the trauma induces premature labor, your baby could face numerous health challenges due to being born too early. These health challenges may be long-term or follow him or her for life.

Legal Rights and Protections for Pregnant Women in Car Accidents

According to Ohio law, if an accident occurs due to another’s negligence, pregnant victims have the right to pursue claims for damages beyond typical injuries. These can include:

  • Medical expenses related to the pregnancy: These include all medical costs that you incur from prenatal care after the accident, such as hospitalization or emergency surgery.
  • Costs of delivery: If the accident affects the process of giving birth to your child, you can also file a claim for the costs associated with the delivery.
  • Potential prenatal injuries to the child: Any injuries your unborn child may suffer from the accident, such as placental abruption.

How Can Pregnancy Affect Your Compensation?

If you are involved in a car accident while pregnant, you will likely have more medical expenses compared to a crash victim who was not pregnant. The value of the other damages suffered may also increase because of the pregnancy:

  • Increased medical expenses: If your pregnancy care is complicated by an accident, your medical costs can skyrocket. You could receive compensation to cover the costs of emergency treatment, extended hospital stays, specialized prenatal care or even postnatal care.
  • Higher compensation for serious injuries: Serious complications, such as a traumatic brain injury to you or your unborn child, increase your claim because of your greater need for medical attention. Therefore, your compensation could be much higher.
  • Lost wages: If you have to go on maternity leave earlier than expected because of the accident, you can claim compensation for lost wages, this is income you would have earned if not for the crash.
  • Pain and suffering: Your compensation for pain and suffering may cover physical and emotional pain caused by the accident. For example, the accident may cause anxiety and fear about the well-being of your baby.
  • Future medical expenses: Depending on how much the accident affects your pregnancy, you and your unborn child might need ongoing care. This could also be included in your compensation.

Tips for Filing a Car Accident Claim During Pregnancy

When filing a car accident claim during pregnancy, it is critical that you take these steps:

  • Seek immediate medical attention: Even if the accident seems minor, get checked by a medical professional to rule out any complications. This gives you a chance to prevent potential complications from arising further on in your pregnancy.
  • Detailed notes and documentation: Keep a detailed record of your doctor appointments, treatments and how the accident has impacted your pregnancy, physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Gather evidence: Collect any evidence related to the accident, such as photos of the accident scene, witness statements and police reports. Any witness testimonies that support your side of the story will strengthen your claim.
  • Speak to a knowledgeable attorney: You should also consult with a lawyer who is experienced in handling cases for pregnant women. He or she can guide you through the legal process and help obtain the documentation and evidence you need for your claim.

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