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Nursing Home Abuse and Elder Law Explained

Nursing home

Elder abuse comes in many forms like emotional, physical, and sexual harm inflicted on a senior citizen. Some senior citizens also suffer from financial exploitation and negligence from the people tasked with taking care of them. […]

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Bar Owner Liability: Ohio’s Dram Shop Laws

Bar owner liability, Dram Shop Laws

In 2017, the Ohio State Supreme Court ruled five-to-one that the “dram shop statute” (Ohio R.C. 4399) is “the exclusive remedy” for a dram shop in the event a patron sues for being “over served.” The […]

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What To Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

What to do after a drunk driving accident

In 2018, 10,511 people in the US died in drunk driving accidents, which means this type of accident kills about 29 people every day. In Ohio in particular, there are around 400 drunk driving fatalities per […]

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Pedestrian Accidents: What are Your Options?

Pedestrian Injury: What Are Our Options

As a pedestrian, you are vulnerable to injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, many drivers do not pay enough attention to people in crosswalks or on the shoulder of the road. While pedestrians have a […]

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How Ohio Stands Out in Workers’ Compensation Law


Laws regarding workplace injuries vary by state, but most areas share fairly similar regulations. This isn’t so much the case with Ohio workers’ compensation law. There are many differences when comparing The Buckeye State to others, […]

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