Who is responsible in a ridesharing-related crash?

Family Road Trips Safety Tips
Family Road Trips Safety Tips

The convenience of hailing a rideshare cannot be understated by people who regularly rely on this method to travel. The popularity of ridesharing has grown in the past decade as people request rides via an app on their smartphone.

But have you ever considered the ramifications if your ridesharing driver was involved in a serious crash? An injured passenger must wade through a series of murky and complicated matters, namely what party is negligent in a ridesharing crash.
Whose insurance company?

Those complications come in an assortment of ways. Too many insurance companies suddenly spring up in a ridesharing accident. The list includes carriers that represent the ridesharing driver, ridesharing company, injured person along with the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash.

Also, do not forget that major ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft usually depend on independent contractors as drivers. The question as to whether they are employees is a big one as the contractor approach often allows these companies to shirk their responsibilities in such situations.
Blame may go around

However, when it comes to negligence, the likely culprits remain:

  • The ridesharing companies: These companies may scheme to avoid responsibility in a personal injury case. They often recruit contractors who are not employees. Sometimes, they also may not do the most thorough background checks.
  • The ridesharing drivers: Have they received the necessary training and are they qualified for this job that requires safe driving habits? Sometimes, these drivers may provide services from a car that they do not own.
  • The driver of the other vehicle: This is often the case in any collision. It may be a distracted, reckless or inebriated driver. Nonetheless, this person was negligent.

Any of these parties may be responsible for a ridesharing crash. However, the one thing we do know is that some people get hurt riding as passengers in a ridesharing vehicle.
Remain optimistic

Determining who was at fault in a ridesharing collision can be a challenge. Regardless, you need time to heal from your injuries and assistance in obtaining compensation. Remain patient and optimistic, while seeking legal guidance.


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