Compensation for catastrophic injuries after motor vehicle accidents

Neck pain, whiplash injury
Neck pain, whiplash injury

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, more than 1,150 people died in fatal crashes in Ohio in 2020. That computes to more than 3 people dying on Ohio roads each day during that calendar year. It does not include the thousands of victims who suffered serious and catastrophic injuries in motor vehicle accidents but survived their ordeals.

As readers know, motor vehicle collisions can be violent, dangerous and life-threatening. Victims can endure injuries that will impact them for the remainder of their lives. For example, injuries to the spine and traumatic brain injuries can deprive victims of movement, concentration, and other vital processes. Living after a serious accident can be hard and expensive for a person who cannot fully provide for their own needs.

Compensatory damages

After a significant injury and loss from a motor vehicle collision, a victim may be able to seek compensatory damages through litigation. Compensatory damages do what their name sounds like – they compensate a victim for their losses. After proving their claims, a victim may seek the recovery of their medical costs, lost wages, and other quantifiable losses through compensatory damages.

Punitive or exemplary damages

Often when an individual acts with malice or engages in significantly wrongful behavior and those actions cause injuries and loss to others, punitive or exemplary damages may be available. These damages are not based on the losses of the victim but rather the wrongful acts of the responsible party. They are assigned as punishment for the deeds done by the responsible party.

Before a victim can get damages, though, they must prove their claims in court. Doing so requires pleadings, proof and time. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can support the needs of their injured clients in these and other legal endeavors.


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