Why Crash Victims Should Not Ignore These Injury Symptoms

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Sometimes car crashes cause minor injuries that do not require much, if any, treatment. The problem is injured victims might think they have minor injuries even though their injuries are more severe.

Victims might think their symptoms will get better in a few days because the pain and discomfort are not that difficult to manage. However, symptoms could get much worse in the hours and days that follow, particularly if the victim does not get treatment.

That is why victims should take note of car crash injury symptoms that should not be ignored. Some of these symptoms could be signs of a severe injury that could become life-threatening if it is not treated soon.

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Headaches could be a sign of a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion or blood clot. If left untreated, these headaches could get worse. If there is bleeding in your brain it could swell and lead to life-threatening complications.

It is important to point out that you do not need to hit your head to suffer a brain injury like a concussion. The impact of the crash could cause your head to whip forward and backward so fast that your brain gets injured. This whipping motion could cause whiplash or another type of neck injury, and a symptom of that injury could be headaches.

Sometimes treatment for a brain injury is more likely to be successful if it is done early. If you wait, treatment can still help but you may be left with permanent damage.

Numbness in Your Neck or Back

Car crashes could cause back injuries, such as herniated discs or pinched nerves. Some crash victims may suffer damage to the spinal cord. These injuries could result in numbness and tingling in your back.

If you delay treatment, the pain could get much worse. You may also experience limited mobility.

Numbness may also indicate a neck injury like whiplash. The numbness may start to radiate out from your neck into your arms. You may also feel stiffness and limited mobility in your neck.

Numbness is often a sign of a soft-tissue injury, and despite what you might think, soft-tissue injuries can be quite serious. Sometimes soft-tissue injuries are more serious than broken bones. When a bone breaks, doctors can often put a cast on it, and it will heal in a matter of weeks. However, soft-tissue injury symptoms could linger for quite a while and be debilitating.

Pain or Inability to Bear Weight

If you are struggling to stand up or put weight on your legs, you may have suffered a broken leg or even a spinal cord injury. You may have suffered structural damage to your knee, such as a sprain or torn ligament.

You may have suffered a hairline fracture that is only going to get worse in the days and weeks ahead if the injury is not stabilized. If the hairline fracture gets worse, you could be in for a much longer recovery.

Swelling in Your Abdomen

This could a symptom of an internal injury, such as internal bleeding or organ damage. This damage could be life-threatening, so it is best to get it treated immediately. Bleeding internally could do serious damage to your internal organs, and if an internal organ suffers damage, it could stop functioning. This could put your life in jeopardy.


This could be a symptom of a traumatic brain injury, particularly if it is accompanied by other symptoms like headaches, trouble concentrating, being sensitive to light and feeling dizzy. 

Importance of Seeking Immediate Treatment

It is important to remember that you are not a doctor. If you were involved in a car crash, you should seek treatment to see if you have suffered any injuries. Even minor aches and pains could a be a sign of a serious injury. You do not want to wait to seek treatment, because things could get much worse.

Waiting to seek treatment can also make it harder to treat your injuries. Even if you go to the hospital and they say you do not have serious injuries, this should help give you some peace of mind. You do not want to avoid seeking treatment and be unsure if you were significantly injured.

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