Common causes of workplace injuries


The vast majority of Ohio residents rely on work to live. Consistent income is necessary to pay the bills; however, events in the workplace could impact an individual’s ability to work. Workplace accidents happen in all industries, making it important that workers not only understand these risks but also how to address the losses and damages caused by a work injury.
Workplace injuries

Whether one works in an office, factory, construction site or behind the wheel of a truck, workplace injuries are possible. These are defined by OSHA as an unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage. They are oftentimes considered events that could have been prevented or reduced in severity if proper mitigation strategies or safety practices were implemented.

Although workplace safety regulations are put in place and continually updated and advanced, these do not prevent workplace injuries from happening. In fact, these events are fairly common, occurring roughly every seven seconds in the United States.
Common causes

With regards to nonfatal workplace injuries causing missed days of work, a current study focused on the top eight causes. This includes overexertion, slip, trips and falls, contact with object or equipment, transportation incidents, violence or other injuries caused by persons or animals, exposure to harmful substances or environments, non-classifiable injuries and fires and explosions. The top three leading causes account for more than 84% of all nonfatal workplace injuries that result in missed days from work. Additionally, each of these could occur in just about any type of work environment, making them especially more common.

Workers’ compensation benefits are necessary for those who are unable to work, temporarily or permanently, due to a workplace injury or illness. However, some applications for these benefits are initially denied. This should not discourage individuals from obtaining these benefits, as there is a process to appeal the decision. Thus, it is imperative that one hire an attorney to understand the process and what rights one has throughout it.


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