What to Do if Your Child is Bit by a Dog

Child bitten by a dog
Child bitten by a dog

If your child has been bit by a dog, who is held responsible for the injuries and medical bills? We talk below about Ohio’s laws regarding dog bites and what you should do if this ever happens to your child.

Q: My child was bit by a dog. Should the owner be held responsible for the injuries?

A: Yes, if your child was bit by a dog, the owner should be held responsible for your child’s injuries. In Ohio there are different ways that you can make the claim. First, the owner could be held strictly liable because the dog bit your child.

No “One Free Bite” Rule in Ohio

In Ohio there isn’t a rule where the dog has to have bit someone else first. The owner is liable based on the fact that the dog bit your child. You can also proceed under a theory of negligence. Learn more about dog and animal bites.

How to take action

So what you should do is if your child was bit by a dog, contact an attorney who is experienced in handling dog bites and who can do an investigation, check for insurance coverage, and make sure that you and your child are protected and that you can get fair compensation for your child’s injuries.

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