Family of Washington Man Killed in Montana, Sues Bar

Family of Washington Man Killed in Montana, Sues Bar
Family of Washington Man Killed in Montana, Sues Bar

The family of Brian Beaver, 24, of Washington, is suing a bar in Montana that served alcohol to the man who ultimately killed him that night.

The lawsuit alleges that the bar failed to use reasonable care when it served an already visibly drunk Brian Holm on November 9, 2012. Minutes after leaving the bar, Holm drove onto a sidewalk, killing Beaver.

The bar not only served Holm alcohol before he left, but also gave him a drink to head out the door with. The attorney on the case states that they are seeking “damages allowable by law.”

Wrongful Death Damages

The lawsuit seeks damages on wrongful death, medical and burial costs, future economic loss, and loss of companionship that Beaver provided his wife and son.

Holm was convicted of vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. Holm claimed at the trial that neither drugs nor alcohol impaired his driving ability; however his blood-alcohol level reached .10 after the crash.

Owner of the Hayloft Bar, Frank Miller, says that the bar is not responsible for the death of Brian Beaver. He also claims that surveillance footage shows that Holm was not visibly drunk when he left the bar.

Holm was sentenced to 30 years in prison, with half suspended after his conviction. Holm currently remains free while the conviction is appealed in the Montana Supreme Court.

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