Video Shows 15-Month-Old Boy Being Dropped by Avon Lake Daycare Worker

video camera inside
video camera inside

The FOX 8 I-Team released video footage from an Avon Lake daycare center where a 15-month-old child suffered a broken leg. The video shows a daycare worker picking the child up by the arm and dropping him, causing the injury.

The worker has been charged with child endangerment and assault. The first charge is a felony, while the second is a misdemeanor. The worker pled not guilty.

While investigating the incident, Partner Marco Bocciarelli of Friedman, Domiano and Smith found the same worker being rough with other children.

“It hurts me to the core to look at this video,” Bocciarelli said. The firm has sent a letter to the daycare center, called Sweet Kiddles, telling them to preserve all surveillance video footage to determine how long these kinds of incidents have been happening.

The boy’s parents knew something was wrong when they brought their son home last Friday. His mother says he did not want to play and could not stand up. He was also screaming and crying. They later found out that their child had been dropped – the worker picked the child up by the arm, swung him out of the way and dropped him to the ground.

After dropping the boy, the video shows the worker not doing anything to check out the child. Instead, the worker is seen simply walking away. Meanwhile the injured child was trying to get up, but no one was attempting to help or doing anything about it.

“It’s just any parent’s worst nightmare,” the child’s father said in an interview with FOX 8. The boy’s parents are currently exploring their legal options.

The parents questioned why no one else at the daycare center reported the incident or tried to stop it from happening. The lead teacher in the classroom did not note anything unusual, according to a report from Sweet Kiddles to the state agency overseeing daycare operations.

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