I slipped on ice and was injured. Who can be held accountable?

Slip and ice
Slip and ice

Another winter has come and snow storms are to be expected. As Northeast Ohioans, most of us can certainly say that we have almost slipped and fell on ice while walking on sidewalks during the wintry months. However, if an injury results after falling on snow or ice, who is at fault?

Unfortunately, Ohio courts have ruled that a homeowner or property owner cannot be held accountable if the snow or ice was a result of a natural accumulation. For example, if you are walking on a sidewalk near someone’s home, and you fall on a patch of ice that formed from freezing rain, the homeowner is not at fault.

However, there may be grounds to file a personal injury claim if the snow or ice did not form under natural circumstances. For example, if you fall because ice formed on a stairway due to water dripping from a leaky gutter, the property owner may be liable.

In any event, it is best to contact an premises liability attorney because these cases can be very difficult to prove.

Slip and Fall Lawyers

A slip and fall lawyer will know exactly what facts and evidence to gather in order to successfully pursue a claim on your behalf.


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