Is Your Personal Injury Case a Large Settlement Case?

large settlement cases
large settlement cases

Every year in the United States, there are more than 400,000 personal injury cases filed. Of these cases, around 16,000 to trial. The others are settled out of court for various amounts, depending on the severity of the injury and the level of negligence involved. Some personal injury cases are “large settlement cases,” which typically involve settlement amounts above the average.

With personal injury settlements typically ranging from $3,000 to $75,000, large settlements are on the higher end of that or beyond. They aren’t overly common, but in some cases, they’re highly justified. Settlements for serious personal injury cases where long-term or lifelong damage was caused often have higher payouts than cases where injuries were much less severe.

The largest personal injury claim payout in history was for $150 billion to a burn victim who was eight at the time of the injury and later died after contracting skin cancer caused by the burns to 99 percent of his body. The verdict was awarded to his family but was mostly symbolic due to the perpetrator’s inability to pay. Another billion-dollar verdict went to women who were victims of ovarian cancer from the use of Johnson & Johnson talc-based products.

What Kinds of Cases Do Attorneys Consider?

If you’re thinking about talking to an attorney about a personal injury case, you’ll want to understand how these cases work. Typically, they come from slips and falls, car accidents, and other incidents where one party was careless and injured another party. In some cases, people try to handle their personal injury claims on their own, by negotiating with the other party or their insurance company. But this rarely works out in their favor and can result in a substantially lower settlement amount.

For example, a car accident can create tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. A train accident caused a multi-million dollar verdict for a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury. Even with good insurance, there may still be a lot of bills left unpaid. Additionally, these types of accidents can cause lasting injuries and mean that you won’t be able to work or take care of your family while you recover. That can also result in additional bills adding up, and before you know it, there are thousands of dollars’ worth of unexpected debt.

A personal injury lawyer can help you sort out the potential for a large settlement claim and help you determine the next steps. That way you have the chance to be compensated for the harm done to you and the time you weren’t able to work or engage in other activities. If you’re searching for a personal injury lawyer near me, you aren’t alone. The right Cleveland personal injury lawyer can give you guidance and information to work toward a fair and just settlement in your case.

Without an injury lawyer, you could be left in the dark about how much your case is worth. That’s why a personal injury attorney is so valuable. They can advocate for you, give you guidance on what your case will be worth, and help you decide whether an offered settlement is a fair one for the harm that was caused and any long-term issues you’ll be facing from it. A personal injury settlement is very personal, and you’ll want to choose one that’s right for you.

When Should You Contact an Attorney?

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Cleveland has many options, but they aren’t all the same. Choosing the right attorney can make a difference in the settlement you receive and the difficulty of obtaining that settlement. When you choose an attorney who will work for your needs and interests, you can not only have a better chance at compensation but you can also receive more peace of mind.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip, and fall incident, or in some other way by the carelessness of another person, contacting an attorney is often the right choice. You may have a strong personal injury case and even a large settlement case. By trying to address the issue on your own, you may lose out on a significant level of compensation.

Insurance companies will often offer injury claim victims a small amount of compensation in the hope that they will take it and move on. Instead of taking a small payment, consult an Ohio injury lawyer to find out what your case could really be worth.



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