Can My Attorney Prove My Medical Treatment Was Related to an Accident?

Woman looking for an attorney
Woman looking for an attorney

Making a claim for personal injury involves more than getting what you deserve. We share why and how an attorney must prove that your injuries were all completely related to an accident below.

Q: How does an attorney prove my medical treatment was related to an accident?

A: If you make a claim for personal injury in Ohio, your attorney will have to make sure that all of the medical treatment you had is related to the automobile accident or to the personal injury case. This is done by:

  1. Getting a report from your doctor
  2. Sometimes a testimony from your doctor

Your doctor may have to testify that your injuries are related to the accident to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.

Legal Assistance

This is what an attorney has to prove under the law. Your attorney must prove to the defendant or insurance company that your medical treatment was related to the accident.

Sometimes, this is complicated which is why it’s important to speak with an attorney and deal with somebody who has experience handling these issues. An attorney can get you the proper evidence and testimony needed to get you the type of compensation that you deserve.


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