Situations Where a Personal Injury Lawyer is Helpful in Cleveland

Situations Where a Personal Injury Lawyer is Helpful in Cleveland
Situations Where a Personal Injury Lawyer is Helpful in Cleveland

Personal injuries can happen in many situations and have a long-lasting impact on your life. Trying to navigate insurance companies and their legal teams and adjusters can be overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a serious or chronic injury. By learning about different personal injury scenarios and the ways that a personal injury lawyer can help, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for moving forward.

Types of Personal Injury

Personal injury claims come in many forms. Your situation may cover more than one type, which can lead to added complexity in reaching a settlement. Determining who is at-fault for the situation, the damages incurred from it, and other details can be hard to manage on your own. A personal injury lawyer guides you through the process so that you receive the money that you’re entitled to.

  1. Car Accidents
    Car accidents are an unfortunately commonplace occurrence in the Cleveland, Ohio area. There were 28,643 traffic accidents in Cleveland over the past year.  You could end up getting an acute or chronic injury that gets in the way of your life and work.
  2. Bike Accidents
    Drivers aren’t always as careful as they should be when they’re close to people riding bicycles. The damage that a car can do to you when you’re unprotected can be devastating.
  3. Pedestrian Accidents
    If you’re hit by a car while you’re walking around Cleveland, you could be unable to regain normal functionality. Extensive surgeries are also commonplace with this type of personal injury.
  4. Slip and Falls
    Unsafe conditions at job sites, stores, and other spaces can result in you getting hurt.
  5. Defective Products
    Product problems can have many consequences for the people who buy them. The range of issues they can create depend on the scale of the product, how you’re using it, and how dangerous it is.
  6. Medical Accidents
    Medical professionals are human and can make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can have long-lasting impacts on your life.
  7. Industrial Diseases
    Illnesses and chronic conditions that are associated with industrial practices also fall under the personal injury category.
  8. Toxic Contamination
    If water, food, or other items get contaminated with toxic chemicals, it can harm you.

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

All of the scenarios above can benefit from the involvement of a personal injury lawyer, but here are a few that especially need one.

  • Insurance won’t pay out on your claim: Insurance companies have a complex set of rules that dictate what is and isn’t covered, and it’s practically impossible for a layperson to understand. They may offer far lower than your actual damages or deny you outright.
  • Severe injuries: Your medical bills may be high and your quality of life can be affected. One or more surgeries may be required for a return to normal functionality. The disruption in your work could have negative consequences on your career, and your mental health could suffer.
  • Permanent disability: You’re unable to return to work, and your usual quality of life is changed for the foreseeable future. Proving disability is challenging, and a personal injury lawyer can help you calculate the total damages that you face.
  • Fault is not clear cut: Determining the person or company at-fault following injuries can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with multiple parties. The complexity of these cases and the pressure of insurance companies can result in many mistakes if you represent yourself.

Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio

When you look for a personal injury lawyer, you’ll encounter dozens or hundreds of firms. How do you choose the one that’s right for your claim? Here are the characteristics to look for in your personal injury lawyer.

  1. Experience in Taking Personal Injury Cases to Trial
    Your lawyer should be experienced at presenting your case to trial, if the other party doesn’t want to settle the claim before it gets to that point.
  2. Trustworthiness
    Do you trust that the lawyer will be honest, fair, and transparent with you during the claims process? Look for reviews of the firm and learn about the reputation of the business.
  3. Strong Track Record with Your Type of Claim
    Some personal injury lawyers specialize in specific types of claims. You’ll want a lawyer that is adept at handling your scenario to get a proper settlement.
  4. Enough Resources to Handle Your Claim
    If you have a personal injury claim and you’re going up against multiple insurance companies, businesses, and other entities with deep pockets, you’ll want a lawyer who has the staff and resources to conduct a thorough investigation.
  5. Responsiveness
    How long does it take to hear back from the lawyer when you initially contact them? You don’t want to wait around and be left in the dark about the case for long periods.
  6. The Difference Between Short and Long-Term Injuries
    Short-term injuries are those that only impact you for a few days to a few months. Your recovery process should have you relatively back to normal within that period. Long-term injuries are those that can take you out of the workforce for an extended period or permanently. These chronic conditions generally have more of an impact on your quality of life compared to short-term injuries.

Paying for a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers usually operate on a contingency basis for payment. They take their fees out of the successful settlement, rather than requesting this money upfront. In the event that you don’t win your personal injury case, you don’t pay anything.

Personal injury claims come in many forms, and it’s essential to have the right lawyer on your side to help you make a stronger case. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer to talk about your claim. 


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