Do I Have To Pay Medicaid Back?


Not sure what actions to take after Medicaid has paid your personal injury bills? We talk below about subrogation in the state of Ohio and how it relates to reimbursing Medicaid.

Do I have to pay Medicaid back for my medical bills related to my personal injury?

Yes. In the state of Ohio there is something called subrogation and if Medicaid pays your bills, then you do need to reimburse them for money you have received from a third party. There are different ways that you can reduce the amount or get a better deal for yourself, which is why you need to talk to an attorney who knows the rules and can get you as much compensation as possible.

The other thing you want to keep in mind is that if you receive other benefits, like food or rent, that’s something that could be affected by a settlement from an injury claim. But, an attorney should be able to help you follow the rules and make sure that your benefits are protected and that you’re still able to get fair compensation for your injury.


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