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Ohio Man Settles Lawsuit With Police

Police with taser

The family of Matthew Hook,  from Dublin, Ohio,  has settled a federal civil rights lawsuit with the Columbus suburb of Perry Township, its board of trustees, and a police officer for $2.25 million. Hook had suffered […]

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Bike Injury Lawsuit Settled For $125,000

Bicycle injury lawsuit

In 2009 a student at Minnesota Duluth was riding her bicycle and became injured after she was thrown from her bike near an intersection. The city of Duluth had recently resurfaced the intersection that Cassandra Olson […]

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Lawsuit Accuses Former Teacher of Sexual Abuse

Lawsuit accusses former teacher of sexual assualt

A gym teacher at the former Rogers School, Robert Martinez, sexually assaulted an 8-year-old boy in the 1970’s under the noses of school officials. A suit filed against Martinez seeks unspecified damages against him, who now […]

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