Jury Awards $8 Million in Tolland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Jury Awards $8 Million in Tolland Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Jury Awards $8 Million in Tolland Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Tolland physician and his employers were struck with an $8 million wrongful death lawsuit after the parties were found liable for the death of James Morrin, who killed his wife and then himself in 2009.

Attorneys for the estate of Morrin filed for a wrongful death case, claiming that the murder-suicide was the result of ‘carelessness and negligence’ on the part of Morrin’s physician, Dr. Carl Koplin.

According to the filed complaint, Dr. Koplin failed to properly evaluate Morrin’s mental state and recognize suicidal tendencies by not performing a careful psychiatric evaluation. Koplin, who voluntarily surrendered his medical license in 2012, was found liable for Morrin’s suicide last month, upon which the $8 million lawsuit in damages to Morrin’s estate was awarded this past week. Friedman, Domiano, & Smith is here to help you and your loved ones fight for the wrongful death settlements you deserve. Give us a call today!

News story reported by The Courant.


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