Pizza Hut Lawsuit Filed for Not Compensating Workers’ Hours

Lawsuit, not compensating workers' hours
Lawsuit, not compensating workers' hours

A group of Pizza Hut workers have joined forces to sue owners of the franchises all over the country, including locations in Topeka, Kansas.

NPC International owns and operates Pizza Hut restaurants across 28 different states, including Kansas, where the plaintiffs alleged in five different suits, that the corporation owes them unpaid wages, including overtime pay in some cases.

In the first lawsuit, the plaintiffs, who serve as customer service representatives at Tennessee Pizza Hut locations, allege that NPC had a policy of giving incentives to managers who worked overtime and encouraged their employees to attend training sessions and work while “off the clock” so that each location could meet a standard of fulfilling tickets per labor hour quota. These customer service representatives claim that they are entitled to be compensated for their “off the clock” work, especially in the instance of overtime.

A second suit was filed by two shift managers, stating that managers were also encouraged to work “off the clock.” The third and fourth lawsuits made by delivery drivers and a cook of the restaurant, claimed the same things.

The fifth and final lawsuit as of today was made by waiters and waitresses of the Tennessee restaurants, alleging that they were to be responsible for duties such as cleaning and rolling silverware into napkins for more than 20% of their hours, of which they were not compensated for. The U.S. Department of Labor allows servers to be paid less than minimum wage, but only if their tips make up the difference. In this case, the servers alleged to be compensated with more tip money than they were actually given, along with compensation for performing other duties and responsibilities.

The lawsuits are currently being processed through the court system. NPC has yet to return a call for comment.


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