What are Common Sex Discrimination Cases?

Sexual discrimination against a female
Sexual discrimination against a female

A recent story out of Louisiana State University (LSU) alleges that the president of the LSU Alumni Association asked to pay off a woman he had a sexual relationship with if she resigned from her job. In no way are these situations appropriate for men or women.

What are common types of sex discrimination cases?

  1. Sex discrimination cases come in all shapes and sizes.
  2. We have had cases where the employer was sleeping with the employee in his or her office and that was a term of continued employment.
  3. We’ve also have had situations where they have groped the employee.

Other Types of Situations

Usually it’s the male groping a female employee, but lately we have had females groping male employees, males groping male employees, and females groping female employees. There’s a whole host of sexual discrimination cases.


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