Millionaire Stanley Marsh Settles Sexual Abuse Suit

Highway driving
Highway driving

The eccentric, millionaire artist best known for the “Cadillac Ranch” art display along the interstate highway of the Texas Panhandle, has settled lawsuits from ten teenagers who said he paid them for sex acts.

Stanley Marsh’s lawyer, along with the lawyers of the plaintiffs, said that Mr. Marsh and the teenagers have settled their differences and that no side would comment further.

Mr. Marsh also faces six counts of sexual assault and five counts of sexual performance of a child, made in 2010.  In 2011, Marsh suffered a stroke, appointing his wife as his legal guardian.  He surrendered to authorities in November 2012 and is free on $30,000 bail.  If convicted, Marsh faces up to 20 years in prison. His lawyers have denied the charges.

Marsh was accused of giving the children cash, alcohol, drugs, and in one case, two BMWs, in exchange for sexual acts performed in his office, the civil lawsuits accused.

When Marsh was accused last year, his lawyers released a statement saying that the accusations were “mere allegations by the group of accusers who have filed a barrage of civil lawsuits against Marsh seeking millions of dollars.”

However, Amarillo police found evidence in Marsh’s office to believe that the sexual encounters indeed took place, including 70 envelopes of blue pills, confidentiality agreements, two computers, blank release and waiver documents, and couch cushion covers.


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