Car Accident Claims: When You Need a Lawyer

Car accident claims, When do I need a lawyer
Car accident claims, When do I need a lawyer

After a car collision, many people wonder whether they need a car accident lawyer. Serious car accident injuries jumped 30 percent in 2015, so you could find yourself involved in such an incident. If this occurs, there are a few things you should know.

When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

If you experienced a car accident, you should, ideally, at least consult an attorney. This is especially the case if you’re injured. Unfortunately, a recent study found paid insurance claims for bodily injuries increased 32.1 percent over an eight-year period. If any of the following occurs, you may especially be in need of a car accident lawyer.

  1. You’re facing a lawsuit from a passenger.
  2. The accident involves underinsured or uninsured drivers.
  3. Accidents where who’s at fault is contested.
  4. Serious bodily injury has occurred.

This isn’t to say that these are the only reasons you should reach out to an attorney. If you’re questioning whether you need a car accident lawyer in Cleveland, contact Friedman, Domiano & Smith today. We’ll discuss whether you have a case, what steps need to be taken to substantiate your claim, and, if you receive no recovery, you will be charged nothing.

Major Causes of Car Accidents

The cause of your car accident can have a huge effect on your case. Again, there’s no all-encompassing rule that covers when you’ll need an attorney, but a car accident lawyer could be especially helpful if your accident occurred due to any of the most common collision causes:

  • Drunk driving: MADD found that someone is injured every two minutes due to drunk-driving accidents.
  • Speeding: The U.S. Department of Transportation says about one-third of car accidents involve speeding.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving leads to 40 percent of all car accidents. With people playing games like Pokemon Go, safe drivers are in even more danger

Serious Injuries Need Legal Help

In Ohio, failure to keep in the proper lane causes most accidents. This common occurrence can lead to a multitude of injuries, including broken bones, back injuries, whiplash, internal bleeding and a variety of other life-altering challenges. Something as simple as a headache, one of the most commonly developed symptoms, could indicate a serious problem like a blood clot. Seek out medical attention immediately, then find legal help.

At Friedman, Domiano & Smith, our Cleveland car accident attorneys understand that seeking out police reports, medical records and everything needed for a successful claim can be costly. We’ll cover these costs, and if you don’t win your case, you owe nothing. For a car accident lawyer in Cleveland that’s focused on helping you, contact us today.

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