5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Roads During the Holidays

Safe Driving During Holidays
Safe Driving During Holidays

This past Fourth of July weekend, the Ohio State Highway Patrol arrested nearly 750 people for impaired driving. According to reports from Cleveland.com, Troopers also issued over 6,400 tickets for seatbelt violations and a whopping 3,000 tickets for aggressive driving. The most devastating statistic from Thursday-Sunday of the holiday weekend is that 12 people were killed in motor-vehicle accidents.

Don’t become another statistic. Follow these five safety tips for holiday driving:

  1. Buckle Up! It doesn’t matter how far you’re traveling. Wearing your seatbelt could be the difference between life and death if you get into a serious accident. Not to mention, you’ll be spared an expensive ticket.
  2. Don’t Drink and Drive!  The holidays are a time of endless celebrations, but if you are planning on consuming alcohol, do not make matters worse by driving afterwards. So many people are out driving during these busy weekends; don’t harm them or yourself by making one stupid decision.
  3. Limit Nighttime Driving! If people are going to make stupid decisions about driving under the influence, it will most likely happen at night. Drivers are also tired and may just be distracted by the darkness outside, so stay overnight somewhere if you can.
  4. Don’t Rush! We understand that all week you will be looking forward to getting to wherever you’re celebrating the holidays for the weekend. But rushing your drive can lead to more problems. Take your time and drive carefully!
  5. Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Good Shape! If you’re heading out for a long drive, make sure your vehicle has had a good tune-up beforehand. Many places are closed over the holidays and you may not be able to get the help you need. Have your own safety tip to add to the list? Share it with us!

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