How Accidents Happen From Poor Road Design and Improper Markings

Poor road design, improper markings
Poor road design, improper markings

Responsible drivers pay attention to road markings, light signals and general conditions in order to stay safe. Poor road conditions prevent you from driving safely and may result in personal injury or damage to your vehicle. State and federal authorities and construction crews may be responsible for the road hazards that led to your losses and you can take legal action against them.

Poor Road Conditions that Result in Accidents

Poor road conditions come without warning. They cause drivers to act quickly in order to compensate or may altogether prevent safe driving. Possible issues with road conditions include:

  1. Defective road design
  2. Road maintenance crews
  3. Hazardous construction zones
  4. Discarded equipment
  5. Malfunctioning light signals
  6. Inadequate signage, lighting or markings

Construction Zone Accidents

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there were 6,053 car crashes related to work zones in 2016. Of those crashes, 4,553 caused property damage while 1,477 caused human injury and 23 were fatal. It’s a startling statistic, considering that road crews have a responsibility to keep construction areas safe.

Who Is At-Fault for Accidents Caused By Poor Road Conditions?

Government agencies in Ohio have a responsibility to maintain roads. You may be able to sue the government for failing to ensure road conditions are safe. Typically, in order to find fault, you must show the government knew or should have known the road needed repair and failed to take action.

Construction crews, whether hired by the city or not, may also be liable for your accident. In order to sue a construction company, you must demonstrate the crews were negligent in keeping the work zone safe. Negligent means they had a duty to keep the area safe but failed to meet the standard of care expected of them. Negligence can be as simple as not following work zone safety tips, depending on the individual circumstances.

Steps to Take After a Construction-Related Car Accident

As with any car crash, you should seek medical attention, file a police report and document the scene. Note any irregularities at the site, including traffic going the wrong way, poor signage or unattended equipment blocking the road.

If your lawsuit involves the government, different rules apply. You may have a shorter period of time in order to start a lawsuit that you would if you sue a non-government party, like a construction company. For that reason, it’s essential to speak with a traffic accident lawyer as soon as possible.

After an accident, you may not know who is to blame. That’s where road lawyers can help you. If you were hurt because of dangerous roads, talk to FDS Law for free. We’ll help you take the next steps.


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