What Types of Car Accident Injuries Are There?

Types of car accident injuries
Types of car accident injuries

Many possible factors determine the nature of injuries sustained in a car accident. As expected, speed of impact and use of seat belts play decisive roles, but there are many other variables that can be equally significant, such as:

  1. what classes of vehicle were involved?
  2. Where did the initial impact take place?
  3. Was there a secondary or tertiary impact?
  4. Did either vehicle contain loose items on the floor, such as belongings, that could have become projectiles at the moment of impact?

In the aftermath of a serious accident, these and other matters may be of the utmost concern for your auto accident lawyer in substantiating a liability claim.

The Classification of Injuries

Injuries suffered in car accidents often fall under one of two classifications:

  1. Impact, in which the body is affected by high-speed contact with the vehicular interior or objects contained there. Impact injury caused by displaced internal organs can also have devastating consequences.
  2. Penetration, in which the body is pierced by displaced debris, such as windshield glass.

The degree of injury in either classification can range from relatively minor to immediately fatal.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Even with the protections modern automotive technology provides, the body is distressingly vulnerable to collision. Accident victims often present to hospitals with potentially life-changing injuries, and not all injuries manifest right away.

Seeking medical attention after a serious auto accident is vital for identifying less obvious forms of injury as soon as possible. Early medical evaluation can also help a car accident lawyer build a case on your behalf and ease negotiations with any insurance companies involved in your claim.


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