Aviation Accidents Explained

Aviation accidents explained
Aviation accidents explained

Air travel is thought to be a safe mode of transportation. In 2017, there were no fatalities on commercial aircraft, down from 16 the year before. While this sounds encouraging, the National Transportation Safety Board nonetheless reports dozens of aviation accidents on a monthly basis, involving small aircraft, helicopters and other private aircraft. Recently in Hamilton, Ohio, a small plane crashed at Butler airport, resulting in pilot injury.

The hazards exist not just while craft are in the air. Trafficking planes on the tarmac, or risky areas in other parts of airports, can lead to unexpected injuries. These accidents often come without warning, leaving families uncertain of what to do next. Thankfully, aviation attorneys know the unique aspects of this industry and how to help people who are living with the effects of an accident.

Types of Aviation Accidents

Aviation attorneys routinely support families affected by a wide range of aircraft-related accidents. Some of these individuals have been enjoying a recreational activity or taking a short trip when the unthinkable happens. They all need assistance. In the immediate aftermath and throughout recovery, a plane crash lawyer helps to find them the financial and legal solutions they need to move forward. FDS Law takes on aviation accident issues that arise from:

  • Commercial aircraft, domestic and international
  • Non-commercial aircraft, small planes
  • Charter flights
  • Helicopter accidents
  • Sport or recreational accidents, such as skydiving, hang-gliding and ziplining

It’s important to get legal help after injury in an airport. The Federal Aviation Administration not only governs what happens in the air: they also impose strict regulations on planes landing and moving about on the tarmac. If someone failed to meet their duty of care, an injured person could file a lawsuit.

Injuries from aircraft accidents may be physical, psychological or emotional. The recovery process can keep the injured person away from work or stop them from looking after loved ones. By partnering with a plane accident lawyer, families can find the best way to get the support they need.

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