10 Important Factors to Consider When Looking For a Nursing Home

Ten important factors to consider when looking for a nursing home
Ten important factors to consider when looking for a nursing home

When families are unable to take care of an elderly relative, it is common that the family finds a nursing home to provide the proper care for that relative. Do not let your loved ones become victims of nursing home negligence and abuse. There are important factors you and your family should take into consideration before placing your elderly relatives in a nursing home.

Here are ten important factors you should consider:

  1. Are there handrails along the walls as well as wheelchair accessibility through doorways and up ramps? The safety of your loved one is crucial when staying in a nursing home.  All safety precautions should be taken by nursing home management to ensure that residents do not fall or are put in harm’s way.
  2. Is the main floor of the facility clean and free of litter? Is the overall cleanliness of the home up to par with your standards? If you have any doubts about the cleanliness of the nursing home, do not allow your loved ones to stay there. Uncleanliness can lead to sickness and overall patient neglect.
  3. Do all appliances and essential electronics (faucets, telephones, call buttons, televisions) work properly? The efficiency of how a nursing home runs needs to be important to you and your loved ones to ensure the stay of the resident is as welcoming as possible.
  4. Does the staff seem genuinely happy to be working with residents? You and your loved ones’ respect needs to be considered at all times. Look out for the overall attitude of every employee that works in the nursing home. At FDS, we get many cases with residents receiving undeserved physical and verbal abuse from the nursing home staff.
  5. Are the rights of the residents clearly posted? Your family and your loved ones in the nursing home should have clear knowledge of the rights of the resident in any nursing home facility.
  6. Are planned social activities offered at the nursing home? Oftentimes, nursing homes will offer classes and other forms of social activities for residents. Take note of what is being offered and if you are able to observe an activity, see how if the residents are enjoying themselves and participating.
  7. Does the facility accept Medicaid or Medicare? It is always helpful for a family when nursing homes accept Medicaid/Medicare to ease some of the financial burden from the costs of living in a nursing home.
  8. Are therapeutic/mental health services available? Every patient has a different story when coming to a nursing home. Make sure all of his or her needs are able to be taken care of for the sake of their health.
  9. Are visiting hours reasonable? You and your loved ones must take note of how visiting hours work at the nursing home so you are allowed to visit with ample time and you do not feel like you are overstaying your welcome.
  10. Does every member of the staff, from nurses to department heads, have the proper experience/education to be working there? This is key when placing a loved one in a nursing home. Leave nothing to chance. If you are suspect of any staff member, address your concerns immediately.

All of these factors are important for you and your loved ones to consider. Do not become a victim of the tragic and dangerous situations that nursing home abuse and neglect can lead up to. Call us at Friedman, Domiano, & Smith if you have any concerns about a nursing home facility. 


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