Drunken-Driving Crash Death Lawsuit Settled

Drunk driving crash death lawsuit settled
Drunk driving crash death lawsuit settled

Five years ago, a young woman, Debra Davis, and her friend were killed due to drunk driving after a country music concert at Gillette Stadium in Boston.

Davis’ family was seeking $2.5 million from the Kraft Group, which owns Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots. The family believed the Kraft Group was liable for the single-car crash that killed their daughter because they did not do enough to curb underage drinking outside a music festival.

However, lawyers for the Kraft Group had argued it was not the company’s fault and that the women in the car (two were killed, one was injured) brought alcohol to the tailgate party and they did not have tickets to the event.

Representation for the Davis family argued that the Kraft Group was negligent by not cracking down on excessive drinking in the parking lot. In 2007, stadium officials had enacted a “no ticket, no entry” policy to deter underage drinkers from tailgating, but never enforced the rule, the suit claimed.

Just before the trial was to begin, a settlement was reached with the Davis family. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. If you or someone you know have been the victim of drunk driving, please contact a car accident lawyer at our law firm. As any case we handle, we do not take it lightly and will fight for you.

[Information provided by The Boston Globe]


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