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Your Guide to Bicycle Safety

Your guide to summer bike safety

Riding your bicycle is one of the most enjoyable and healthy activities for kids and adults. It’s environmentally sound and available to members of all economic groups. Cycling can also a be a dangerous activity, especially […]

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Disability Law Explained

Disability law explained

If an accident has left you disabled, you may be qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits. This is a safety net designed to ensure people can still afford to live despite not being able to […]

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Doctors aren’t always right, and they certainly got it wrong in my case when they dismissed and ignored my symptoms. When my heart attack was left untreated, the doctors’ mistakes nearly killed me. I’m glad I turned to Friedman, Domiano & Smith. Your team guided me through this legal battle and helped me get restitution.

- Marshelle Patterson

A car turned right in front of my motorcycle causing an unavoidable accident. When the driver’s insurance company rushed to offer a settlement, I wasn’t sure what to do. The lawyers at Friedman, Domiano & Smith advised me of my rights and were able to obtain more extensive compensation for my injuries. Thank you for your guidance and kindness during an overwhelming experience.

- Jerry Bound

Unsafe conditions at my workplace caused a brick wall to collapse leaving me injured and unable to return to work. Worker’s Compensation didn’t even come close to covering my losses. Your team at Friedman, Domiano & Smith went above and beyond to help me attain compensation beyond what Workers Compensation paid.

- Steve Killeen

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

Largest Ohio Settlement for Natural Gas Explosion Injuries

$24.3 Mil settlement in a residential natural gas explosion case where uncapped gas line caused death of mother and disabled adult son; husband/father survived explosion and fire with severe burns and scarring.

$2.1 Mil Recovered in Off-Road Vehicle Crash

Runaway off-road vehicle crash where rider suffered multiple leg, ankle and pelvic fractures; off-road vehicle lacked safe throttle design features resulting in $2.1 Mil settlement.

$650,000 Recovered for Wrongful Death of Teen on a RipStik

16-year-old high school student died after falling from “RipStik” style skateboard and into the path of inattentive school bus driver who failed to keep a proper lookout for students on school grounds.

Defective Tire Causes Motorcyclist to be Thrown from Bike - $550,000 Settlement

56-year-old motorcyclist suffered lacerations and upper body fractures when thrown from bike following sudden loss of air from rear tire. Tire installation negligently performed by motorcycle repair shop.

Family of 12 Year Old Girl Recovers $1.1 Mil

$1.1 Mil settlement reached in catastrophic motor vehicle accident involving a young girl who was struck by a delivery truck driver who had been using narcotics prior to the collision.

$1 Mil Recovery for Trip and Fall Victim

$1 Mil settlement reached in a slip and fall accident resulting in permanent spinal injury. A 54-year-old woman was at an apartment complex on business when she tripped and fell on a step that had previously been painted red as a warning. The failure of the apartment complex to maintain the visual warning of the step resulted in a hazardous condition that led to the injury.

$20,000 in Damages Recovered by 82-Year-Old

An 82-year-old nursing home resident, and a high fall risk patient, was improperly monitored by nursing home staff, resulting in a fall, severe head injuries, and lacerations. The resident recovered $20,000 in damages.

Intoxicated Man Struck by Train Recovers Settlement

An intoxicated man walking on Conrail tracks was struck by a train and recovered $15,000.

$47,500 Recovered by 41-Year-Old Man in Auto Accident

A 41-year-old man recovered $47,500 when he was injured due to another driver making a left turn in front of him.

$50,000 Recovered After Being Struck by A Driver Asleep at the Wheel

A 27-year-old man recovered $50,000 when another driver fell asleep at the wheel, crossed left of center, and struck plaintiff’s vehicle head-on.

Severe Rear-End Auto Accident Results in $210,000 Recovered

A 45-year-old woman recovered $210,000 when she was involved in a severe rear-end automobile collision.

Woman and Mother Each Recover $100,000

A 53-year-old woman and her 71-year-old mother were severely injured in an auto accident when another driver negligently crossed the double yellow lines. The daughter recovered $105,000 policy limits and the mother recovered $100,000.

Head on Collision Results in $122,000 Recovered

A 74-year-old woman recovered $122,000 when the driver of another vehicle struck her vehicle head-on.

Improperly Secured Wheelchair

A 25-year-old woman confined to a wheelchair sustained injuries when her wheelchair was not properly secured in an ambulance, causing the wheelchair to overturn while in transit to the hospital. She recovered $25,000 for her injuries.

17-Year-Old Boy Recovers $85,000 After Driver Falls Asleep

$85,000 was tendered to a 17-year-old boy who suffered personal injuries when his driver fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the vehicle.

Damages Recovered by 45-Year-Old When Employer Fails to Reinstate

A 45-year-old man recovered damages from his employer when it failed to reinstate him to his position after he sustained a non-work-related injury and completed all required medical exams.

Severe Rear-End Auto Accident Results in $210,000 Recovered

A 45-year-old woman recovered $210,000 when she was involved in a severe rear-end automobile accident.

Father Recovers $600,000 After Doctor Deviated from Standards

$600,000 was awarded to the estate of a 36-year-old father of three who died from drug intoxication. A claim was pursued against the doctor who deviated from acceptable standards of medical care.

Settlement Reached After Woman Was Sexually Harassed by Supervisor

An appropriate settlement was reached against a company on behalf of a woman who was sexually harassed by her male supervisor.

$12,500 Recovered by 35-Year-Old Woman After Sexual Harassment

AA 35-year-old woman recovered $12,500 in a settlement with her employer after she was sexually harassed by her boss.

Estate of 12-Year-Old Girl Recovers $90,000 After Train Accident

A 12-year-old girl walking across a railroad bridge was struck and killed by a train. The estate recovered $90,000.

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