Bike Injury Lawsuit Settled For $125,000

Bicycle injury lawsuit
Bicycle injury lawsuit

In 2009 a student at Minnesota Duluth was riding her bicycle and became injured after she was thrown from her bike near an intersection. The city of Duluth had recently resurfaced the intersection that Cassandra Olson was riding near, but workers failed to level a manhole.

It was explained that the 25-year-old’s bike struck the recessed manhole cover and jolted to a stop – she was riding at night without a light and did not recognize the hazard until it was too late.  She was thrown over the handlebars of her bike and struck her head (she was also not wearing a helmet). Olson sued the city for negligence.

Olson still suffers from headaches and occasional bouts of dizziness as a result of the head injury but her condition has improved over the past four years. Initially she suffered from severe sense of vertigo, but that has since subsided. Following the incident, Duluth sent out a memo to staff reminding them of the importance of making sure manholes are leveled whenever streets are resurfaced.

Olson was awarded $125,000 from Duluth. Cases like these are very common to the bicycle injury attorneys at Friedman, Domiano, & Smith. Please contact us if something like this has impacted you or a loved one.

News obtained from Duluth News Tribune.  


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