Your Guide to Summer Bike Safety

Spring and sprung and Clevelanders are more anxious than ever to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. If you live in one of North Eastern Ohio’s wonderful neighborhoods, enjoying the weather means taking a bike ride with your friends and family. Here at FDS, we want to encourage you to be as safe as possible while cruising on two wheels this summer.

Here’s our list of bike safety tips:

  1. bike_safety_02Think Ahead! Check your tires, your breaks, your chain and don’t be afraid to add some neon colors or reflective surfaces to your biking outfit. Speaking of the outfit, prevent major injuries by wearing a helmet – “Think of dropping a melon on the floor from shoulder height. That’s what happens to your head in a bike accident if you are not wearing a helmet (” Sounds pretty scary to us!
  2. Follow the law! Remember, you have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as drivers do. Obey traffic signals – and always ride WITH traffic in the right most lane headed in the direction you’re traveling.
  3. Make yourself visible. When talking to drivers who have gotten into accidents with bikers, most police officers hear the driver say, “I just didn’t see him!” Do your best to stand out on the road by wearing bright, neon colors and reflective materials. Head and taillights are required for riding at night in many states, and make sure you have reflectors on both the front and back of your bike.
  4. Avoid Heavy Traffic While cyclists have just as much of a right to be on the road as larger automobiles, the nature in which you’re traveling puts you in a much more vulnerable position, and you should therefor ride defensively and prepare to be as safe as possible. “Take time to look for safe routes with designated bike lanes, trails or other lightly used roadways. And if you must share the road with motor vehicles, it may be safer to “take” the lane by riding in the middle rather than “sharing” the lane with a vehicle.”
  5. Avoid Road Hazards Check for cracks, glass, drain grates, gravel and debris.
  6. Be Predictable Make your intentions clear to motorists and other bikers. Try to signify when you’re turning, and be incredibly aware of your surroundings before changing your pace.

For more awesome tips, watch this video from the National Highway Safety Administration:


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