What You Need to Know About the Safety of Car Seats

Many worries consume expectant parents; car seat safety being one of them. Keeping your child safe when he or she is in a moving vehicle is incredibly important. We’ve provided some important facts about car seat safety to help you prepare for any scenario. Thank you to BMW & John Cary on Medium, who reminded us how important a topic car seat safety is.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) puts the number of improperly installed car seats at 3 out of every 4. So far in 2014, Graco (a leading car seat manufacturer) has recalled over 5 million car seats due to faulty buckles that would get stuck, making it hard to remove a car seat quickly and efficiently.


Keep your child in a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible. It ensures the best head, neck, and spine protection. Go over the Car Seat Checklist (provided by Safe Kids Worldwide). Keep soft toys in the car seat/car so in case an accident is to occur, no hard or sharp objects go flying around, causing even more injury.

Have any helpful tips to share about car seat safety? Comment below!


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  1. Adeline

    As far as I’m aware, here in Aus we only have seats that have the OK to rear-face up to 12kg (though some only to 9kg). The convertible seats (birth – 18kg) have to turned forward facing once the child reaches the rearfacing weight limit. It will tell you the limit either on the seat or in the manual for the seat.

    As far as rear facing travel is concerned Aus is very much behind the times compared to world standards. We are also unable to use imported seats as they do not have an AUST/NZ standard. So in the event of an accident, you may be held reponsible/negligable (not sure of correct term) if your child is injured/killed in a non AUST/NZ standard seat.

    Hopefully they will see sense and bring out seats with higher rear-facing limits as a result of our new laws. They also needs boosters with higher limits too for the kids at the other end of the carseat spectrum (ie those over 26kg but still under 7yrs), so hopefully they can see a hole in the market and fill it appropriately.


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