What Does a Medical Malpractice Case Involve?

Friedman, Domiano & Smith Blog Post

Do you think you have a case that could potentially result in medical malpractice? Jeffrey H. Friedman takes you through the basics of what a medical malpractice case could involve.

What does a medical malpractice case involve?

A medical malpractice case is a generic term. Medical malpractice involves the departure of the standard of care that is necessary for whatever procedure you are going through.

The departure from the standard of care means that there’s certain protocol and the doctor has departed from those protocols and, because of that departure from the standard of care, has injured you and because of that injury he or she should be liable for the damages caused.

Of course the doctor has insurance, whether it be the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, or any other hospital throughout the state of Ohio, they of course have insurance which covers the damages.


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