The dangers of distracted driving to Ohio drivers

Texting and Driving Ban in Ohio Specifically Reaches Out to Teenage Drivers
Texting and Driving Ban in Ohio Specifically Reaches Out to Teenage Drivers

State and federal texting and driving campaigns often highlight the inherent dangerous to motorists when they choose to use their smartphones while operating motor vehicles. A driver who is using their phone and looking at it instead of the road may cause themselves and others harm when they crash into other vehicles. As dangerous as texting and driving can be, it is not the only form of distracted driving that can impact Ohio drivers.

Distracted driving can happen when drivers engage in visual, manual, or cognitive distractions. This post will highlight some examples of these forms of distraction and the devastating outcomes that can result from distracted driving accidents. This post is informational in nature and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

Types of driving distractions

As mentioned, driving distractions can come in different forms. For example, a visual distraction is anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road and places their focus on something else. A manual distraction is a one that takes a driver’s hands off the wheel of their car to touch or hold an item. Finally, a cognitive distraction is one that does not have a physical presence but that causes a driver to lose focus because of what they are thinking about.

Why distractions are dangerous

It may be obvious to readers, but it cannot be stressed enough: distracted drivers are dangerous because they cause serious and life-threatening accidents. They prioritize their interests and needs over the safety of others who must share the road with them. They put innocent individuals in the path of harm and sometimes cause them grave injuries and even death.

Suffering losses in a distracted driving accident can cause significant setbacks in a victim’s life. When a distracted driving accident happens, victims should remember that they have rights under the law. Their trusted personal injury lawyers can help them find legal tools for seeking the compensation victims deserve.


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