Vlog: Is Nursing Home Negligence the Same as Medical Malpractice?

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Contrary to common belief, nursing home negligence is not considered the same as medical malpractice. Why? Watch, as Jeff explains the answer above:

Is nursing home negligence the same as medical malpractice?

Nursing home negligence is not the same as medical malpractice. There is a one year statute of limitations which applies to both, but a medical malpractice is the overall umbrella of which nursing home negligence falls under. Nursing home neglect is usually caused by the nursing care, not by the medical care.

The medical mistake in the hospital is usually caused by a doctor. A failure to diagnose cancer, the operation, they took off the wrong limb, many things like that are medical. They also have a one year statute. The nursing home neglect usually involves staff, the number of patients, and just the failure to follow procedure of the protocols set by the agencies that make the guidelines.



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