RV & ATV Accidents

ATV Accident
ATV Accident

The weather is getting (and will hopefully stay) warmer in Northeast Ohio.  This is a time when families are starting to get together for more outdoor activities and fun. Unfortunately, sometimes a day of fun can go wrong so it is best to be prepared for when something such as an RV or ATV accident can occur.

When an accident happens on a recreational vehicle (RV) or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), injuries can be serious. Although the nice weather is a time to take advantage of in Northeast Ohio, it is best to be prepared and adhere to the proper instructions of operating one of these vehicles properly and safely. Did you know that most ATV accidents occur for first-time riders that don’t realize they are going too fast on rough terrain?

If an ATV tips over, there is hardly any protection for riders or passengers. As a result of this carelessness, people have suffered spinal cord injuries, head injuries, severed limbs, and even death. Did you also know that most RV accidents occur because the driver has not been formally-trained to operate the vehicle? Although drivers for these types of vehicles do not need a specialized license, they are still responsible for following general rules of the road.

RV and ATV accidents are only a couple of recreational vehicle accidents that we cover. We also represent people who have been injured on boats, golf carts, jet skis, wave runners, etc. Make sure you and your loved ones have taken all of the necessary steps in being prepared to operate any of your recreational vehicles in order to ensure the most fun, but more importantly, the most safety.


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