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Brain Injuries

There are few injuries that are more difficult to handle than those to the brain. The symptoms are often so subtle that even the patient isn’t aware of them. That is, until a more obvious problem arises.


Our expert attorneys have handled countless brain-injury claims that have results in large settlements for our clients. Read about our verdicts and settlements in these types of cases.


Our experience with severely injured accident survivors has taught us that brain injuries can be especially difficult to prove in legal proceedings. Many traumatic brain injuries have delayed onset, subtle symptoms, and involve microscopic tears of brain tissue that do not show up in an initial emergency room examination. As they heal and scar, however, problems with memory loss, sensory impairment, or personality can become apparent. Sometimes the injuries are not even apparent except to family members after an extended period of time. It important to select attorneys who are well-versed in these types of cases.


Although not strictly a head injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can also be easily overlooked by less experienced counsel. For example, if six months after a motorcycle accident a recovering patient shows not only an understandable reluctance to ride again, but also an increased anxiety at the very notion, this together with other symptoms can indicate PTSD. Other symptoms include changes in sleep patterns, social withdrawal and signs of depression.

Our Attorneys Understand Head Injury Cases

We have long experience with the proof of damages in difficult head injury cases, including those with subtle or delayed symptoms.