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Misdiagnosis of a Heart Attack

Of the 500,000 heart-attack deaths in the U.S. each year, many could be prevented by a quick diagnosis and treatment—especially within the first hour of symptoms.


When medical professionals do not accurately diagnose heart attacks and a patient suffers or dies, the legal team at FDS can step in and help the victims. We bring medical malpractice claims in Ohio courts, holding negligent doctors accountable for the harm they’ve caused. Read about our verdicts and settlements in related medical malpractice cases.


While bad results are not always a reflection of bad medicine, it is a good idea to talk with us if you have questions. If your doctor seems to be treating you differently, he or she may be concerned about a potential lawsuit. Other signs that medical staff may be protecting themselves against a lawsuit:

  • Unreturned phone calls from hospital staff.
  • Overly careful or concerned hospital staff.
  • Mention of the hospital’s legal department.
  • Implication by a staff member that you might want to talk with an attorney.

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We collect no fees until you recover on your claim. We commit substantial resources to investigate your case, hire expert witnesses, and cover necessary expenses. If we win, we recover these expenditures. If not, you owe us nothing.

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We can help you determine if you have a case and give you the information you need to make a decision. Our entire legal team will help you regain your life by stepping in at this crucial time.

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