What can be done after a workers’ compensation claim is denied?

Filing a workers' compensation claim
Filing a workers' compensation claim

People have many different types of jobs in Ohio. The job requirements can vary greatly as well as the potential dangers people face while working. Some people work in office settings and have limited physical demands as a part of their job. Others work in construction and other types of manual labor type jobs. People in these industries also usually work with heavy machinery to help them do the job.

There are many different safety requirements in place to help prevent accidents from occurring as there is a potential that people can be severely injured when working in these industries. Despite these safety requirements though, accidents do occur and unfortunately workers are injured at work. As stated above, these injuries can be severe, which means that they can be devastating financially as well as physically. People may incur significant medical costs to treat the injury and also may miss time at work.

Basic process for appealing a denial

When people are injured at work they may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay the medical costs and a portion of their lost income. However, not all workers’ compensation claims are initially granted. Some of them may be denied for a number of different reasons.

This does not mean that people will not receive their benefits though. People can appeal denials of the initial claim. The appeal must be in writing stating the basis for the appeal and filed within 14 days of the decision denying the benefits. After the appeal is filed a hearing will be set for the appeal. At the hearing the worker can present evidence as to why the initial decision should be changed.

There are many workers in Ohio who suffer injuries while at work. These injured workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but in order to receive them people may need to appeal an initial denial. Experienced attorneys understand these complicated matters and may be able to guide one through the process.


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