Vlog: Are There Claims Outside of Workers’ Compensation Claims?

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Did you know that there are workers’ compensation claims outside of workplace injury? Jeff explains what those are, below:

Q: Are there claims outside of workers’ compensation claims?

A: Yes there are claims outside of workers’ compensation claims. They are called third party claims or intentional tort claims, which means that it’s a very high standard to sue your employer for something other than workers’ compensation. The Supreme Court of Ohio most recently has limited what you can recover and the legislature, led by the Republican forces down in Columbus, has limited what workers can recover because of the gross neglect of their employer. They gave them a bad machine, they removed safety devices from their punch press, they don’t put backup lights on the tow motors, they make you work in extremely poor conditions where injury would be caused. All of these may give rise to a claim over and above workers’ compensation.

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It’s very important that you see an attorney and call us immediately because evidence is destroyed very quickly and there are ways an attorney can go ahead and make sure that they do not destroy it. If they do destroy evidence, they can be held liable for destroying it so see us to make sure you have your bases covered.

Last modified on August 25, 2018. Published by Friedman, Domiano & Smith Co., L.P.A.

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