How Do I Pay Attorney Fees If I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

How do I pay attorney fees?
How do I pay attorney fees?

If you are considering hiring a personal injury attorney, your first thought is most likely about costs. We explain below how you can pay your attorney fees for personal injury.

How do you pay attorney fees if you hire a personal injury lawyer?

Most personal injury attorneys work on what is called a contingency fee.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee means we don’t get paid for our time and our services unless we get you compensation. So, you don’t owe us anything up front as far as our attorney fee. We also will front the case expenses associated with your case.

What are case expenses?

Case expenses are money that we have to spend to prove your case. Some examples of case expenses are:

  1. Expenses related to getting evidence, like obtaining your medical records, your medical bills, pictures, and copies of the police report
  2. Fees that we have to pay to other witnesses in order to prove your case.

You don’t owe money unless there is a recovery

If you hire a personal injury attorney, you should be able to sign a contingency fee agreement, which means that you don’t owe any money up front including case expenses, and you don’t owe any money unless the attorney makes a recovery from a settlement or from a jury verdict.


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