Company Hid Cancer-Causing Effects of Chemicals, Lawsuit Claims

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A federal lawsuit has been charged against the company whose chemicals leaked into the Elk River and left thousands of West Virginians without water for more than a week.

Eastman Chemical Company, which makes a chemical commonly used in coal preparation known as “Crude MCHM,” has been accused of ignoring studies that prove the dangerous effects of the chemical, in this case, that the chemical causes cancer. chemicalsA spokesperson of the company claims the accusations are untrue and that internal studies done by the company prove that the chemical does not cause cancer. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of those West Virginia businesses that were shut down for days without water and by residents who were exposed to the contaminated water, caused by spillage from a chemical distributor. The federal lawsuit that stems from this cancer-causing chemical exposure, asks for class-action status. If a major, life-threatening event like this happens to you or your loved ones, please give us at Friedman, Domiano, & Smith a call today.   News reported by WV Gazette.


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