Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Who is responsible for a truck accident?
Who is responsible for a truck accident?

Some of the most devastating collisions involve large vehicles on busy highways. The power and speed can have heart-wrenching results, not to mention a great deal of legal complexity. As a passenger or driver who has been involved in a truck accident, you may have a number of questions about what happens now. A lawyer can help you sort out the confusion and make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of now and for the future.

What’s Special About a Truck Accident?

Transport trucks, big rigs and trailers are all larger in size than regular vehicles. They may also carry cargo, which may or may not include hazardous material. As a result, one large truck can cause serious damage to many vehicles and expose people to unsafe materials as well as severe bodily injury.

Because of the vehicle’s blind spots, speed, and weight, investigators need more detail to figure out what caused the accident. Although the rules of the road are the same, what constitutes defensive driving around a truck may be different than around a small car.

Many truck drivers are commercial operators who may be in the course of employment at the time of the accident. For this reason, figuring out who shares in the responsibility for the accident may be a more complicated process.

What If There Are Many Vehicles?

Truck accidents may involve many parties, in particular if a rollover or swerve results in damage to several vehicles. In this event, analysts will have to piece together the sequence of events that resulted in the injuries.

When there are multiple vehicles, there are many insurance companies. The truck and all vehicle passengers will put in claims, for their immediate protection and to cover medical costs. Over the long term, however, it may require negotiations between companies or a lawsuit to determine which insurer bears the brunt of the claim cost.

What About Special Hazards?

Sometimes, extraordinary situations, such as highway construction or poorly-maintained roads, are contributing factors to a truck accident. It is sometimes possible to take legal action against these players as well, especially if an injured person is living with a livelong condition and needs ongoing support.

There is a mechanism to take legal action against a road crew company or even the government, if appropriate. Actions against the government follow special rules so, even though you can take the government to court, it’s absolutely vital to have the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Who Is at Fault?

It’s important to know that, with everything that may have happened in a truck accident, even an injured driver may bear some responsibility. However, that person can still recover damages in a legal action. Under the law of contributory negligence, a court can apportion the fault between many different parties. In a highly complex claim like a truck accident, it’s therefore a good idea to discuss what happened with a truck accident attorney who knows how to pull apart the various threads in the event.

Where Can I Go for Help?

FDS Law has served injured people and their families for more than over 45 years. We have a proven reputation for taking care of those in a highly vulnerable state after a traumatic event, such as a truck accident.

It’s free to talk to us. To learn more about how our legal services can help you or your loved ones after a truck accident, call us today or contact us online.


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