Lawsuit Claims Negligence of School in 15-Year-Old Student’s Tragic Death

An administrator for the estate of Donald, “Donnie” Boyer Crotty filed a wrongful death complaint and is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages after the 15-year-old was tragically run over by an ATV at Roberson High School in July 2011.  According to, “A lawsuit claims negligence on the part of the Buncombe County Board of Education and Roberson High football coach Jim Beatty contributed to the death of a student”.

According to the suit, Crotty was walking along a path with a group of football players when the ATV approached from the opposite direction. “Crotty and the others moved out of the way, the vehicle clipped one of his legs and spun him awkwardly, then ran over him.” (

While investigators determined that the driver was not at fault, calling it just “a freak accident”, the lawsuit claims that the ATV driver, “traveled at an unsafe and excessive rate of speed as several other football players, including the decedent, were also walking on the field.”

The lawsuit goes on place blame on the driver and the coach of the football team, Jim Beatty, who was responsible for supervising the students, saying that he, “had a duty to assure the safety of the T.C. Roberson students” The answer to the lawsuit blames the 15-year-old saying that Crotty, “through his own negligence, was in a position of actual peril from which he could have extricated himself if he were more attentive.” Shortly after the horrible accident, the school board approved a policy that prohibits students from driving school vehicles.

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