Cleveland’s West Side sees another fatal motorcycle crash

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Motorcycle Safety Tips

At this point, many of us are unsurprised by fatal motorcycle crashes because they seem to be in the news every week. It is an unfortunate reality of operating a motorcycle that there is simply less protection than in a traditional vehicle. Often, the only protection the motorcyclists have is the clothes they wear and any protective equipment, like a jacket and helmet. And, while these offer some modicum of protection, it is often not enough, and, as a result, motorcycle accidents often have severe, even fatal, consequences. This was the case in a recent fatal motorcycle crash on the west side.

The fatal accident

According to Cleveland Police Department, the fatal crash was on Cleveland’s Westside, and it happened September 10, 2021,  near the intersection of Madison Avenue and Berea Road. The CPD Accident Investigation Team was on the scene, but they have not released the details of the fatal motor vehicle accident. All that is known at this time is that Cleveland EMS pronounced the motorcyclist dead at the scene, there was a vehicle involved in the accident, and the intersection was closed for many hours during the investigation.

What happens next

Accident investigations can take a long time, but the families of fatal accident victims should not wait. They should reach out to an attorney to begin their own, independent investigation to ensure that the truth is known and that all responsible parties are held accountable. All too often, the motorcyclist is blamed. In reality, it is often the vehicle operator’s fault because they did not see the motorcycle when they were changing a lane or entering an intersection.

How can these cases end?

Depending on how an accident investigation unfolds, an insurance company may offer a settlement, even before the investigation is done. They do this to limit their liability because once a family accepts that settlement, they are not entitled to anything else. This is why settlements are typically a bad idea unless it has been reviewed by an independent motorcycle accident attorney. Do not fall for insurance scare tactics. Experiencing an auto accident is scary. But there is help, and the law is on the side of the victims.


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